Punjab Institute of Management & Technology focuses on continuous development through research activities. PIMT Journal OF Research (PIMT JR), a peer reviewed refereed journal, started in March, 2008 is the half yearly publication of the Punjab Institute of Management and Technology, Khanna. PIMT-JR carries ISSN No. 02278-7925 and is UGC approved which is bi-annual journal. PIMT Journal OF Research (PIMT JR) is International in scope and readership, the journal is multidisciplinary in nature, focusing on pure empirical, applied and interdisciplinary research in different areas, publishing articles on all important aspects from empirical studies and theoretical developments to practical applications in the areas of management, IT, Commerce, airlines, tourism, hospitality and agriculture. The main aim of the journal is to disseminate knowledge and information in all the above mentioned functional areas. The journal is intended to provide forum for debate and deliberation for academics, policy planners, research student of various research areas. All papers are refereed through a double blind process. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the criteria of management, computer science and all other valued areas of excellence. In all the above areas, the PIMT Journal publishes a summary of the study, bibliography, research papers, articles, book reviews and doctoral dissertation.


You can send your manuscript to editor@pimt.info

PIMT Journal [UGC Approved] Volumes (Free Access to Abstracts)

Volume 6 No.1 Volume 6 No.2
Volume 7 No.1 Volume 7 No.2
Volume 8 No.1 Volume 8 No.2
Volume 9 No.1 Volume 9 No.2